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    • Pharmacy &
      Methadone and Suboxone Clinic

      Baythorn is the leader in providing Quality Prescription & Opioid Dependency Treatments, with a professional and ring team of qualified Pharmacists, Technicians and Healthre professionals.

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    Methadone? and Suboxone? Treatment Clinic

    No Appointment necessary. Same-day assessment. We provide Methadone® and Subaxone® treatment for all types of drug and opioid dependencies.

    Prescription Filling

    Baythorn is a pharmacy that is focused on pharmaceutil re, with the highest quality prescription filling and delivery services in Thornhill and Toronto.

    Over-The-Counter Products

    Over-the-counter (OTC) products are medicines that do not require a prescription from a doctor or physician. We offer a comprehensive list of over-the-counter (OTC) products.

    Taking re of Your Health with Friendly re!

    Let our team of Pharmcists, Doctors & Drug Dependency Experts take re of you. Visit us today to learn about how we n help!

    Our Services

    Methadone® Clinic

    Let our qualified pharmacists help you get over your drug dependencies via licensed Subaxone® and Methadone® Treatments.


    Prescription Filling services with a Friendly re that is convenient. Visit us today to learn about our free prescription delivery.

    Blister Packaging

    Imagine you take more than one medition, different quantities and times of day of each item; how do you remember which dose to take and when? Our answer – Blister Packaging.